Jocky Bjorklund: The Secrets of Cuper’s Valencia

When Jocky was at Gothenburg he got revenge on Romario for the 1994 World Cup semi-final defeat by silencing him in two Champions League legs against PSV. That was a good Gothenburg side – they roundly defeated Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, too.

At Valencia, Jocky enjoyed an amazing Copa del Rey triumph, thrashing Barca and Real on the way to a convincing final win against Athletico Madrid. Jocky also speaks about the first of Valencia’s consecutive Champions League final defeats. He was on the bench that day but he offers a brutal analysis of why his side were overrun by Real – they had believed their billing as favourites.

And did you know that Jocky is a keen cricket fan? He even names his best XI for us.

Thanks, Jocky.

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