The Big Interview on… Cruyff

JOHAN Cruyff is the single most important man in the history of professional football; as a player, coach, director of football, thinker, philosopher, nobody come else comes close.

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Peter Crouch: Van Basten, Littbarski And Other Tricks Of The Trade

PETER Crouch has sold the football world a dummy. At just over two metres tall, the Stoke City striker looks every inch the typical target man; a giant, awkward figure, a footballer custom built for aerial challenges and set plays. But the tallest outfield player in the Premier League is not short on technique. Indeed, his touch, his awareness, his skill with a ball at his feet are the reasons why I find it such a joy to watch the big man in action.

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The Big Interview presents… The Hall of Legends

YOU will all have your opinions on how our guests would rank in terms of footballing ability in their prime. I happen to think that we have talked to some who are hall of famers in any company but, occasionally, a name will come up which causes them to draw breath.

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